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Monday, 23 April 2018
NC to CT Day 7
Reedville, VA to North Beach, MD
We departed Reedville before sunrise this morning at 0610... trying to beat the weather that was forecast for the day... SE winds 20-25 kts. with gusts to 30 knots.

It was dead calm as we left Reedville and headed back toward the Chesapeake Bay... we had a nice boost of current helping us along once we reached the bay... pushing at over 8 knots several times... but we maintained over 7 knots all day... very nice when this happens.

We never saw the winds forecast and had calm seas all day long... not extremely warm but sunny and calm was a big plus.

Saw quite a bit of boat traffic... mostly local fishermen out doing the fishing thing and having no regard for us and moving across our bow trolling and getting mad at us for coming closer to their trolling lines than they wanted... we've been running on a straight course for hours and we are the ones getting in their way... never changes... :)

We stopped early today at 1500 in order to fuel SAILS... she was not as hungry as normally... having only gone as far south as NC this winter... took only 442 gallons to fill her up.

We fueled at Herrington Harbor South Marina located in North Beach, Maryland... took about an hour to fuel up and then we moved to our location for the night... T-Head just north of the fuel dock. We were securely docked for the night at 1615. Location 38°43.613'N, 076°32.538'W. Traveled today for 7 hours and 15 minutes covering 49.13 nautical miles averaging 6.8 knots.
Posted at 5:37 PM
Sunday, 22 April 2018
NC to CT Day 6
Hampton, VA to Reedville, VA
We had intended to stay through the weekend and depart Monday from Hampton... but looking at the weather forecast for the lower Chesapeake Bay we decided to leave this morning... weather forecast to be unfavorable on Monday afternoon... leaving today put us far enough up the bay that the weather on Monday afternoon should not be an issue... at least that is what we are planning.

We had an awesome visit with Wayne and Judy... very short but nonetheless very enjoyable... always great seeing them as we travel north and south.

We left Wayne and Judy McPhail's dock at 0915 and headed out of the Salt Pond back to Chesapeake Bay... winds were variable less than 5 knots... seas flat calm.... just the way we like to cruise.

We were docked at approximately 16300 at Fairport Marina located in Reedville, VA at 37°49.945'N, 076°17.141'W. Traveled today for 7 hours and 15 minutes covering 49.13 nautical miles averaging 6.8 knots.
Posted at 4:46 PM
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