SAILS 1990 45 Florida Bay Coaster
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The lazarette is accessed through a heavy steel hatch on the lower back porch. It is a short step down to an amazingly large storage area. Important electrical equipment, dock lines and paint are stored here, leaving a lot of room for personal items and water toys. The isolation transformer prevents "stray current" from other boats grounding through Sails' steel hull, but also allows boosting a low 208 volts at the dock up to the proper 240 volts that all the electrical systems aboard require. The switching panel shown here gives the voltage and frequency of the current coming on board before throwing the breaker. These breakers also choose whether the current is coming from the forward or aft shore power lines.

Equipment Stored in the Lazarette:
  • C-Power Isolation Transformer
  • Shore power breakers and digital meter
  • Eight 6 volt gel batteries, house bank
  • ProMariner ProTech 4, solid state battery charger with battery switches
  • Brownie air compressor with 100 foot hose and regulator for diving
  • Two 66 pound SL Claw anchors
  • 24 feet of 1/2 inch chain for each anchor with shackles
  • Two 300 foot, one inch braided nylon, anchor rodes with eye-splice and shackles
  • A dozen or more extra dock lines, braided nylon, 3/4 inch and one inch
  • Hydraulic fluid reservoir
  • 2 (two) new spare props, Michigan 4 bladed 22x16x2
  • Spare Yanmar oil and fuel filters
  • Duvoe / Ameron paint and painting supplies
  • Lead ballast (in Rubbermaid bins tied to steel supports)
  • 2500 Rule bilge pump
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