SAILS 1990 45 Florida Bay Coaster
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These are all the Blogs posted on Friday, 11 May, 2012.
Greenwich,NJ to Atlantic City,NJ
Florida to Rhode Island - Day 27
We departed from Hancock’s Harbor Marina at approximately 0640 hours and headed out of the Cohansey River with destination planned as either Cape May if wind and seas were bad or Atlantic City if we had a good weather forecast. Coming in last night we had a tremendous current on our bow… this morning as expected the current was on our stern giving us a tremendous boost... hitting over 10 knots several times but over 9 knots the entire river… all 3.5 miles of it. After we go into Delaware Bay we maintained a good boost making 8 knots most of the way to Cape May… but all good things come to an end… current switched to flood a few miles from Cape May Canal and we slowed to 6.0-6.5 knots across the canal and past Cape May.

We saw a fairly good forecast from NOAA… 10-15 knots with 2-3 seas… the big plus was it was a NW to W wind… so we opted to continue on to Atlantic City. With the westerly winds we cruised close to the NJ coastline and the waves were minimal… we saw the 2-3 most of the trip and at times 3-4 waves but the ride was real comfortable.

Very little boat traffic today… entering the Cape May Canal we held back in Delaware Bay while one of the ferries came out… Delaware Bay had a lot of large ship traffic but they were all in the shipping channel and we were well to the north of them outside the channel. Once in the Atlantic we did see several fishing trawlers and one cruiser from Maine passed us… we were in 3-4 waves at the moment he was passing and he hailed to see if we wanted him to slow down… and soon as he did he laughed and said I guess in this slop it really doesn’t matter… we both had a good chuckle… When we got to Atlantic City we saw him anchored just outside the basin.

The forecast is for 5-10 knot winds tomorrow and again out of the west so we are hoping for another good day in the Atlantic.

We docked at approximately 1715 hours at our favorite dock and dine spot near the Atlantic City Aquarium. Our approximate location for the evening N39°22.570’, W074°25.278’.

We traveled for 11 hours and 35 minutes covering 74.43 nautical miles averaging 7.03 knots.
Posted at 5:55 PM by:Jay
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