SAILS 1990 45 Florida Bay Coaster
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These are all the Blogs posted on Wednesday, 15 December, 2010.
Rhode Island to Florida - Day 10
We had a great evening at Carolina Beach State Park Marina... we were the only boat in the entire marina... the marina has been totally renovated and I highly recommend it.

Anyway, we departed from the marina at 0645 hours and headed out in to the ICW and the Cape Fear River. As anticipated we had a strong current on our stern that boosted our cruising speed to over 9 knots at times... it was awesome! Temperature was still below freezing and just ridiculous that it is so cold here in North Carolina. Looks like things are forecast to warm up a bit towards the weekend but that's still two days away.

We had a couple of bridges to contend with on the day’s trip but none caused us any major delay... I take that back we did have a problem with a bridge that we thought had been removed... being replaced with a new high rise span... the Sunset Beach Pontoon Bridge... but when we arrived about 25 minutes early we found that it was still active... not for car traffic but for the demolition crew to haul away bits and pieces of the bridge as they demolished it... the car traffic was using the new high rise bridge... so the bridge was still on it's once an hour opening... we made it through at 1200 hours.

Then the thing that I thought I would never see happened... just south of Southport, NC the ICW was skimmed over with ICE... yes… it had a layer of ice from bank to bank and as we moved through it we pushed slabs forward as it broke up... actually was kind of cool to see... that lasted fro about a 1-2 mile stretch at ICW mile marker 315... it was crazy! Even as we continued on south the banks had ice sitting on them with areas where it extended out into the edge of the ICW... :)

We were lucky and most of the day we had a push from the currents on our stern and we made very good time and traveled 70 nautical miles today in 7 hours and 15 minutes... We docked at Bucksport Marina in Bucksport, SC (N33°39.052', W079°05.679') at 1700 hours. The great thing was that we called the marina as we approached and spoke to the owner... he said they were in the middle of major renovation and they were not really open but we were welcome to stop for the night and plug in power... get some water and we could do this for FREE... WOW! He just asked that we stop on our next trip by in the spring as we head back north... very cool of him... :)
Posted at 7:37 PM by:Jay
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