SAILS 1990 45 Florida Bay Coaster
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These are all the Blogs posted on Wednesday, 18 November, 2020.
CT to NC Day 1
Stamford, CT to Oyster Bay, NY
We departed from Stamford at 1615 with the towboat alongside SAILS... just outside of Westcott Cove I stopped to drop the towboat behind SAILS to tow it across the sound in stern tow... everything was free and clear and I used the stern helm controls on SAILS to move forward... BAM! Not all was clear... I fouled the port prop of SAILS with the towline... CRAP!

I tried to free it without getting in the water but nothing worked... we dropped anchor on SAILS and broke out the dive gear... time to go for a swim in about 50 degree water... no dry suite so I donned my wet suit, hooked up the Hookah for air and jumped in... the water actually felt good as the air temperature was 29 degrees... 3 minutes in the water and the towline was free from the port prop. We were back under way in 15 minutes max... not a great way to start the trip south and a bit embarrassing for a towboat captain to foul the towline in the prop...

Enjoyed a beautiful sunset as we crossed Long Island Sound with the New York Skyline in the distance...

We reached Oyster Bay and stopped to bring the towboat back alongside so we could dock at Oyster Bay Marine Center easily... it had been windy but just after stopping the wind started blowing really hard and SAILS and the towboat alongside (wrong side) were sailing across Oyster Bay... I jumped in towboat and drove it around SAILS and we managed to get it secured and we were off... wind carried maybe quarter of a mile... when I returned to the pilothouse of SAILS the nanometer was ready 30 knots with higher gusts.

We managed to get to the dock safely... was not much skill involved in docking as I pulled along side the dock and the wind blew right in against the dock.

We were secure at the dock at 1845...Our location at N40°52.685, W073°31.657. We traveled today for 2 hours and 30 minutes covering 11.7 nautical miles averaging 4.4 knots.
Posted at 8:54 PM by:Jay
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