SAILS 1990 45 Florida Bay Coaster
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These are all the Blogs posted on Friday, 25 November, 2016.
CT to FL Day 2
Atlantic City, NJ to Chesapeake City, MD
Alarm went off this morning at 0400 and it felt like we had just gone to bed… we had another long day planned so we were off early… leaving Atlantic City at 0500. Forecast for NW 5-10 knot winds, less than 1 foot seas and partly cloudy.

That was the forecast but you never know... We cleared the inlet and found the forecast for winds and seas were spot on. It was nearly flat calm... Hurray. It was too early to tell if the partly cloudy was going to be accurate. The sunrise was sure beautiful.

Just before Cape May we passed something that was totally unbelievable. We were about 3 miles offshore and we passed a paddle boarder. 45 degrees out and 3 miles from shore... REALLY ?? He did not even have a wet suit on... SHORTS. At least he was wearing a PFD. But was he doing do far from shore ???

Today we were not disappointed with the number of fishermen out... they may have taken Thanksgiving Day off, but were out full force today. I thought we had all the fishermen behind us as we entered the inlet going into Cape May. However, we came upon one straggler that decided to anchor right in the middle of the channel... and of course he selected the narrowest part of the channel and it was low tide. I thought as he saw us approaching he might decide to move but instead he waved us to go around him. Looked like there was plenty of water per the chart so I adjusted our course to move around his stern... this was a mistake... saw the depth sounder drop from 12 feet to 6 feet real fast... we did not hit the bottom but we picked up some debris from the bottom and fouled the port prop... CRAP! Managed to get back into deep water but we had lost all propulsion on the port side. I continued down the channel on one engine and pulled into the Canyon Club Resort Marina and tied up to their fuel dock.

Friday after Thanksgiving the marina was closed… thought I might be able to get a short haul out and clear the prop... Not happening... called TowBoatUS and they suggested the same thing a short haul as they did not have any divers available. A short haul was not going to happen till Monday. So, I dug out my dive gear and took a quick... VERY QUICK dive under SAILS... Water temperature 47°... BRRRRRR!

Found a huge piece of shrink wrap material totally encasing the prop... five to ten minutes and the prop was clear and I was FROZEN!! Nice hot shower and an hour later we were back underway.

The reminder of the day was uneventful... Delaware Bay, Delaware River and the C & D Canal were glass smooth... had a nice boost from the current all the way to the C & D Canal... then the brakes came on... dropping from 8+ knots to 5 knots... hate when that happens but hard to complain when the current was pushing most of the day.

We arrived to Chesapeake City and pulled into docked at the city docks at 2045. Our position for the night at N39°31.638’, W075°48.666’. We traveled today for 14 hours and 30 minutes covering 99.4 nautical miles averaging 6.9 knots.
Posted at 9:29 PM by:Jay
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