SAILS 1990 45 Florida Bay Coaster
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These are all the Blogs posted on Wednesday, 25 April, 2012.
Steamboat Creek,SC to Santee River,SC
Florida to Rhode Island - Day 13
We pulled anchor and departed from Steamboat Creek at approximately 0852 hours and continued north on the ICW. Current was in our favor and we were soon doing 8 knots… at least when the water was deep enough. A lot of shallow water again today and also winds. We are getting very tired of the shallow water and high winds… it’s time for them to cease. Destination for the day… not sure… we plan to go until about 1700 hours.

A few boats passed us during the day… but really not a lot of traffic.., I think maybe the winds are keeping people in port… it’s not rough but maybe it could be for a smaller boat. 1700 hours came and we had a few spots charted out… none of which we had been to before… first one we came to was Awendaw Creek MM 435 on the ICW… as we passed there was absolutely no wind protection from the 20 knot SW winds and the anchorage was lying east to west so we decided to continue on… next option was McClellanvile in Five Fathom Creek at MM 430… when we came to it we were at almost dead low tide and the channel entering it looked really narrow and shallow… also, again no wind protection. That was the last one we had planned… out come the cruising guides… nothing before Georgetown that was listed as pet friendly… I took a quick look at ActiveCaptain via Coastal Explorer and saw where others had anchored in the South Santee River at MM 420 and was listed as pet friendly with boar ramp and pier to land your dinghy… Perfect! Another hour to go and we would be to MM 420…. The pier and boat ramp were about 1.7 nautical miles west on the South Santee River. We had never been in the area before so we slowed to just above idle to slowly work our way back up the river. It was dead low tide which I think is the best time to enter an anchorage for the first time... you either make it or not… we were seeing the actual depths to be 2-3 less than what the chart was telling us… one area was charted at 7 feet… so I was a little worried about it… but it was actually still 7 feet as we crossed it. We arrived to where we were going to anchor… an area just before the boat ramp and pier and protected from the south and west by a line of trees and about 300 yards wide… plenty of swing room. We dropped the hook and were securely anchored in 12 feet of water at 1852 hours at approximate location N33°09.237’, W079°21.120’.

Today we traveled for 10 hours covering 70.31 nautical miles averaging 7.03 knots.
Posted at 7:23 PM by:Jay
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