SAILS 1990 45 Florida Bay Coaster
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These are all the Blogs posted on Friday, 5 December, 2014.
CT to FL Day 25
Kilkenny Creek, GA to St. Simons Island, GA
We departed this morning at 0645 about 30 minutes before sunrise. It was another foggy day. Getting tired of the fog. Today it was windy as well. Nothing that would be any problem to us. A couple of sounds to cross but they were not that rough.

About an hour out the port engine dropped in RPM suddenly... going to the engine room and checking it I found we had blown a cooling hose to the turbo charger. Engine was not overheating but the turbo must of ingested some of the water vapor causing the reduction in RPM.

The hose that blew was a small formed hose from the turbo to a cooling pipe that runs to the front of the engine where another small hose connects the pipe to the water pump housing. I did not have a spare formed hose as I had used the one spare I had when I replaced the turbo on the port engine earlier this year. I had it on my list to buy a new spare but... I had not done that yet... So, I improvised and removed both small hoses and the cooling pipe and replaced it with a length of tubing I had on the boat. The tubing was not the correct type but it worked as a temporary fix till we could get the correct type hose when we stop for the night.

Of course this happens right in the middle of the Georgia swamps. Nothing but small fish camps between us and Brunswick. We called a few anyway but none had any cooling hoses or a supply store close to them. Closest place was Brunswick area and we found that Morningstar Golden Isles Marina at St. Simons Island had a courtesy car and several options to find the hose. We made a reservation and continued south toward Brunswick.

7.5 hours later we arrived to Morningstar Marina. My temporary fix had worked and we had no further issues. We were securely docked at 1530 at N31°09.970’, W081°24.898’. We traveled today for 8.75 hours covering 58.0 nautical miles averaging 6.6 knots.
Posted at 3:03 PM by:Jay
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