SAILS 1990 45 Florida Bay Coaster
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These are all the Blogs posted in December, 2015.
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Sunday, 13
CT to FL Day 22
North Myrtle Beach, SC to Georgetown, SC
We left Barefoot Landing Marina this morning at 0800 and headed south. Destination for the day planned as Georgetown, SC.

Current WAS our friend today... we had it with us 95% of the day with only a one short run where we slowed down a bit at the far north end of the Waccamaw River. Speeds varying between 6.5 knots to 8 knots.... very nice for one engine running.

We did make a stop at Bucksport Marina to stock up on sausage... love their sausage!!!

We arrived to Georgetown at approximately 1545 and were docked securely at the Georgetown Public Dock at 1600. Our position tonight is N32°21.895', W079°16.969'. We traveled today for 8 hours covering 45.0 nautical miles averaging 7.0 knots.
Posted at 3:13 PM by:Jay
Saturday, 12
CT to FL Day 21
Carolina Beach, NC to North Myrtle Beach, SC
We left Carolina Beach this morning at 0740 and headed south down the Cape Fear River. Destination for the day planned to Myrtle Beach area.

Current was not our friend today... we had it against us 95% of the day with only a few short runs where we actually got a boost of speed. Typically our speed was in the 4 to 5 knot range.

We arrived to North Myrtle Beach at approximately 1700... before dark... which was very nice... We docked at Barefoot Landing Marina and secure at 1715. Our position tonight is N33°48.060', W078°44.782'. We traveled today for 9 hours and 30 minutes covering 49.3 nautical miles averaging 5.3 knots.
Posted at 4:40 PM by:Jay
Friday, 11
CT to FL Day 20
Swansboro, NC to Carolina Beach, NC
We left Swansboro this morning at 0715 and headed south. Destination for the day planned to Carolina Beach, NC.

Several bridges today that posed no problems... running on one engine seemed to make the timing no issue between bridges.

We arrived to Carolina Beach in the dark at 1815 and docked at Carolina Beach State Park Marina. Our position tonight is N34°02.123', W076°56.015'. We traveled today for 11 hours covering 58.6 nautical miles averaging 5.3 knots.
Posted at 5:36 PM by:Jay
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