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These are all the Blogs posted in April, 2016.
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Saturday, 9
FL to CT - Day 15
Fort Pierce, FL to Eau Gallie, FL
We spent the last week in Fort Pierce attending the MTOA Southern Rendezvous at the Fort Pierce City Marina. We had a great time and got see some old friends and make some new ones.

Susan wanted to go to the Farmer's Market that they have on Saturday here next to the marina so we got away later than I would of liked departing at 1000.

The marina has some wicked current flowing through and a few of the boats leav9ing have had some trouble getting out of their slips and down the fairways. We had one boat actually pin itself against the end of a t-dock and had to wait till slack tide to get off.

So, when we left this morning the current was ripping and the wind was also blowing around 20 knots same direction as the current. As we sat there engines running preparing to leave several people offered their opinions that it was not a good time to try and leave... we should wait for slack tide. I really did not see an issue but we had a crowd watching us we left the dock... and as I thought we had no issues... spun SAILS around 180 degrees and we were off down the fairway... in the areas where we had ac ross current we were crabbing down the channel at 20-30 degrees to keep us goi9ng straight.... NO ISSUES! :)

It was rather windy as I mentioned and we saw 20- 25 knots winds most of the day... had current against us and with us. The only issue we had all day was a sailboat nearly hit us head on.... NO ONE AT THE HELM... he was headed south passing us to port as we were headed north... just a 100 feet in front of us the sailboat veered into our path... gust of wind I guess... I blasted the horns and swung hard to starboard and we passed with about a foot of each other... I looked back as he popped up out of his cabin... not sure he even knew what had taken place... :(

We arrived to our destination for the night just north of Eau Gallie and anchored in the Indian River at N28°08.836’, W080°36.556’. We traveled today for 7.0 hours covering 46.04 nautical miles averaging 6.6 knots.
Posted at 4:52 PM by:Jay
Saturday, 2
FL to CT - Day 8
Stuart, FL to Fort Pierce, FL
Awake at 0630 and up to get the boat ready to leave... short day planned with destination Fort Pierce City Marina in Fort Pierce, FL.

0700 everything checked and ready to... out to the bow to drop the line from the mooring and see the railroad bridge adjacent to the Roosevelt bridge going down... no need to drop the line yet... back to the pilothouse and wait till I can see that railroad bridge opening. Two trains pass over the bridge and see the bridge slowly opening... back to the bow to drop the line form the mooring ball... finally away at 0730.

I hail the Roosevelt Bridge for an opening and we pass through it and railroad bridge next to it and we past all obstacles for the today.

Had current with us as we headed out the St. Lucie River toward the ICW traveling over 8 knots several times... very nice!

For a Saturday there was not much boat traffic as normal for a weekend... it was forecast 50% chance of thunderstorms so maybe it kept people home.

We arrived to Fort Pierce City Marina at 1100 and hailed them to get docking instructions. They have new state-of-art docks and electric pedestals and you have to go through a pre-check of your boat's electrical system at the fuel dock before they can assign you a slip... Anyway, we were told to standby outside the marina as they has three boats ahead of us in the "pre-check" queue.... :(

At 1125 the marina hailed us and gave us instructions of where to come for our "Pre-Check"... we arrived and 10 minutes later we were given the "OK" and we could dock at the new floating docks... BUT, we would have to wait to get a slip assignment... waiting... waiting... waiting... finally at 1155 we have a dcckhand come to the boat and give us instructions as where we would be docking... 1215 we are docked in our slip... well not a slip but alongside a long side dock.

Our location for the next week as we attend the MTOA Southern Rendezvous at the Fort Pierce City Marina. We traveled today for 3.5 hours covering 26.75 nautical miles averaging 7.6 knots.
Posted at 7:01 PM by:Jay
Friday, 1
FL to CT - Day 7
Stuart, FL
Layover day in Stuart, FL
Posted at 6:33 PM by:Jay
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