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These are all the Blogs posted in November, 2020.
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Saturday, 28
CT to NC Day 11
Deltaville, VA to Great Bridge, VA
We pulled the anchor at 0700 and were underway at 0715 leaving Jackson Creek heading back out to the Chesapeake Bay. Anchor and chain came up fairly clean with only minimal clay and mud mixture that washed off easily as the chain came in. The anchor was really set in the mud/clay... the windlass did not want to pull it free from the bottom... had to drive forward over it... no need to worry about dragging anchor here.

Seas were calm with wave being 1 foot or less... mostly sunny... so there were quite a few boats out today... the normal for a weekend and Saturday. Several sailboats around us that were cruisers heading south. I think we will begin to start seeing more and more each day from here south... we'll be on the ICW starting in Norfolk and the cruisers should pickup... hope so.... much more interesting day with other cruisers nearby.

We were not as lucky today in regard to current... we had current against us all day at one point as existed the Chesapeake Bay into the Hampton Roads we were running less than 5 knots... I had not accounted for the slow speed and it screwed up our arrival time to the Great Bridge Lock. I had planned to lock through at the 1545 locking but we did not make it in time and had to wait serval minutes at the lock... not locking through until 1645. Not a big deal since the bulkhead between the lock and the Great Bridge was our destination for the night.

We were securely docked at 1700... Our position tonight is N36°43.290, W076°14.523'. We traveled today for 9 hours and 45 minutes covering 57.74 nautical miles averaging 5.9 knots.
Posted at 5:51 PM by:Jay
Friday, 27
CT to NC Day 10
Solomons, MD to Deltaville, VA
We departed from Calverts Marina this morning at 0715. Forecast was for 5 to 10 kts out of the north 1 ft seas... perfect!

Had a slight boost from current for about half the day running at 7.5 knots...midday we slowed to 6.5 knots... not too bad but prefer the boost.

Several sailboats were leaving the area this morning heading south... two were at the docks with us at Calverts… and saw 2 to 3 others during the day..... and of course the local fishing boats... commercial and recitational.... was a very nice day out on the bay... could of been sunnier but we were happy with partly cloudy and calm seas.

We had no real destination planned for the day when we left other than "south"... we came to the Reedville area at around 1230... too early to stop... we decided to find a nice place to anchor... with a little research of where we would be around 1600 we decided to venture into Jackson Creek in Deltaville... been a few years since we have been there and it's a nice peaceful anchorage.

We dropped the hook and were securely anchored at 1530. Our position tonight is N37°32.698', W076°20.093'. We traveled today for 8 hours and 15 minutes covering 56.6 nautical miles averaging 6.9 knots.
Posted at 4:52 PM by:Jay
Thursday, 26
CT to NC Day 9
Layover Solomons, MD
Forecast for today was not favorable to cruise so we decided to stay another day in Solomons. Forecast looks good for tomorrow.
Posted at 6:37 AM by:Jay
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