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These are all the Blogs posted in December, 2018.
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Saturday, 15
CT to GA Day 16
Swansboro, NC to Carolina Beach, NC
We left Swansboro at 0720 in thick fog and rain.... it did clear up at times but 90% of the day we had rain and was horrible.

Timing for bridges was off and we had to slow to a crawl in a couple of times rather than sit and wait at the bridges... have had better days for sure.

Susan, Lily and Herman took a nap after lunch...

We arrived to Carolina Beach, NC and docked at the Carolina Beach State Park Docks. We were securely docked at approximately 1705. Our position tonight is N34°03.014', W077°55.153'. We traveled today for 9 hours and 45 minutes covering 58.8 nautical mile averaging 6.0 knots.
Posted at 6:04 PM by:Jay
Friday, 14
CT to GA Day 15
Oriental, NC to Swansboro, NC
Planned to leave at 0600 but my phone battery died during the night and with it my alarm clock. It was forecast to rain and be bit windy mid-day, so we wanted to be away from the dock as early as possible to avoid the rain the winds if possible.

We departed at 0645 and headed back out to the Neuse River... it was not flat clam as it was yesterday but nothing that really bothered us or affected our ride and we only had 30 minutes to cross and we were in the lee of the winds in Adams Creek.

We stopped at Bock Marine from a quick package pickup for some friends we had met there last winter. They are just south of us and this saved them a trip back to get their package. They are going to meet us in Swansboro, NC.

We did have current assisting us today for about 75% of the day... pushing us over 9 knots a few times... but we also had a few places where we had current on our bow slowing us down to under 6 knots... overall we did manage a positive effect from the current.

We saw very few boats moving today... maybe the weather forecast kept them at the dock. There were a couple of sportfish boats that passed us... obviously being delivered to some southern location for their owners.

We arrived to Swansboro, NC and docked at the Church St. City Docks. We were securely docked at approximately 1245. Our position tonight is N34°41.161', W077°07.148'. We traveled today for 6 hours covering 43.0 nautical mile averaging 7.2 knots.

We did totally avoid the winds and the rain... just after we docked the rain started.

We will meet our friends from Bock here this afternoon and later we have plans to have dinner with other friends that live here in locally.
Posted at 1:45 PM by:Jay
Thursday, 13
CT to GA Day 14
Belhaven, NC to Oriental, NC
Destination planned for today was Oriental... the town dock. Because this is a FREE dock it fills up early in the day so we left before sunrise so we would have a good chance of finding space to dock... departing at 0630 with an absolute beautiful sky.

There was no wind today and the two large bodies of water we passed through... Pamlico River and the Neuse River... were flat calm... like glass... can't remember the last time we had conditions like this in this area... it was GREAT!

We had one boat pass us heading south... I would guess a 65 ft Fleming names "The Bear" that passed us on the Neuse River...

We arrived to Oriental and there were two boats at the docks... one on the more early dock and one on the western dock... but none in the space we like to dock... we got lucky today. We were securely docked at approximately 1245. Our position tonight is N35°01.455', W076°41.740'. We traveled today for 6 hours and 15 minutes covering 43.2 nautical miles averaging 6.9 knots.
Posted at 1:38 PM by:Jay
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