SAILS 1990 45 Florida Bay Coaster
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These are all the Blogs posted in September, 2010.
Thursday, 23
Back In Warwick
We left Block Island on Tuesday September 21st at about 1130 hours to return to Warwick. Seas were predicted at 4-6 feet but we found them to be ocean swells with about a 15 second period between peaks... so it was like a gentle roller coaster ride in from the Block. We arrived at Brewers Greenwich Bay Marina in Warwick at approximately 1600 hours... a fast trip for us... normally it takes us about 5-1/2 hours... we had a favorable current with us the entire trip... cruising at over 8 knots most of the trip compared to our normal 7 knot cruising speed... :) We will spend a few more weeks here in Warwick while we have some repairs made to SAILS.... most likely starting our trek south around Columbus Day.
Posted at 9:45 PM by:Jay
Monday, 6
Back to the Block
Hurricane Earl is now just a memory and not much of a memory... we experienced very little rain and hardly any wind... so we left Warwick this morning and returned to Block Island... departing at 1015 hours.

Just before arriving to 1BI marker on the north end of Block Island we heard a hail on the VHF from a small boat that had run out of fuel... we were within visual range of them so we diverted our course to assist them. It was a 23' Grady White and we tossed them a line and towed them into New Harbor(Great Salt Pond) and dropped them at the Paynes fuel dock.

We returned to our previous anchorage location just off of Dingy Beach at N41°11.203, W071°34.398 and were securely on the hook at 1615 hours.

The harbor is like a ghost town... Hurricane Earl really killed the boating for Labor Day weekend... :(

Posted at 8:06 PM by:Jay
Thursday, 2
Preparing for Hurricane Earl's Arrival
We evacuated Block Island on Wednesday and headed to the mainland and safe harbor in preparation for Earl's arrival to the area on Friday. It's not forecast to be that bad here but better safe than sorry. I've experienced a lot of hurricanes in Florida over the years and know they have a mind of their own and will surprise you at the last minute when you have no time left to prepare.

On Wednesday 9/1/2010 at 1500 we left the Great Salt Pond, Block Island and headed to Warwick, RI and had a very pleasant 5 hour cruise arriving at Brewer Greenwich Bay marina shortly after sunset... secure to a dock for the first time in 3 months.

Thursday morning we moved SAILS from an outside exposed dock at Brewer Greenwich Bay Marina to an inside well protected slip at Brewer Yacht Yard at Cowesett. These two marinas are side-by-side and the entire move took only a few minutes. I feel much better about our location to ride out the effects of hurricane Earl on Friday.
Posted at 12:58 PM by:Jay
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