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These are all the Blogs posted in December, 2019.
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Thursday, 12
CT to SC Day 21
Little River, SC to Myrtle Beach, SC
With only a few miles to travel today to our winter home at Osprey Marina Myrtle Beach, SC we had a leisurely morning not departing until 1045.

We encountered a bit of wait at the Little River Swing Bridge with maintenance crew on the bridge when we arrived... 15 minutes or so... no wind no current so not a big issue holding position at the bridge.

We did have a current against us all day slowing us way down sometimes below 6 knots... luckily we did not have far to travel.

We arrived to Osprey Marina at approximately 1445... only to find out that the slip/dock we were supposed to dock was occupied until Saturday the 14th and we would have to dock on the transient dock that has no power and water until a space opened up... pretty cold to not have power and we were also running low on water... oh well... we would make due.

We were securely docked at 1500... Our position tonight is 33°41.005'N, 079°02.595'W. We traveled today for 4 hours and 15 minutes covering 24.0 nautical miles averaging 5.6 knots.
Posted at 5:03 PM by:Jay
Wednesday, 11
CT to SC Day 20
Wrightsville Beach, NC to Little River, SC
Last night was the first night that we have anchored since getting Herman... he was not a happy camper last night... every time the anchor chain made a noise he would bark thinking someone was getting on the boat... he did this literally all night long so none of us got a lot restful sleep. Alarm went off a 0600 and was quickly turned off... did not leave early... We weighed anchor at 0845 and headed south with no specific destination in mind.

Today we passed through a lot of the ICW problem areas... shoaling at the inlets... we had no trouble at all but passed by two sailboats at Lockwood Follys that had gone aground and were waiting on the tide.

We had called ahead to a marina in Little River, SC... Harbourgate Marina and Resort to make a reservation and after talking to them and their attitude we decided against staying there and instead called Lightkeepers Marina in Little River... they were very accommodating and pleasant on the phone... even though they had closed at 1600 and it was 1620 when we called... there was no question about it... Lightkeepers Marina would be our destination.

We arrived at approximately 1630 and we were securely docked at 1645... Our position tonight is 33°51.704'N, 078°38.265'W. We traveled today for 8 hours covering 55.2 nautical miles averaging 6.9 knots.

Posted at 5:29 PM by:Jay
Tuesday, 10
CT to SC Day 19
Swansboro, NC to Wrightsville Beach, NC
We departed from Swansboro this morning at 0845 and headed south... our new destination for the winter being Osprey Marina in Myrtle Beach, SC. A little father north than we would like for the winter but they will allow us to do what we need to do to SAILS.

Today was like someone turned a switch on for other boats... there were dozens of them today going south and north... all sizes... makes for a nice day when you have boat traffic around you.

It was quite windy today with winds over 20-25 knots all day... being on the ICW and having no large bodies of water to cross winds like this are in material as they produce no waves... The temperature was also great... reaching low 70's... could cruise with windows open... also, meant we could anchor for the night and not have to go to a dock for power and heat.

We arrived to Wrightsville Beach anchorage at approximately 1615 and we were securely anchored at 1630... Our position tonight is 34°12.487'N, 077°47.903'W. We traveled today for 7 hours and 45 minutes covering 48.2 nautical miles averaging 6.3 knots.
Posted at 4:50 PM by:Jay
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