SAILS 1990 45 Florida Bay Coaster
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These are all the Blogs posted on Wednesday, 17 October, 2012.
Westbrook. CT to Guildford, CT
Rhode Island to Florida - Day 3
We had and uneventful evening at Pilots Point Marina... there was a little noise coming from the barge we had to squeeze by when we arrived. The barge crew worked dredging all night long... but with the cold weather windows were closed and we were far enough away that the noise was not disturbing.

We departed at approximately 0630 hours and had to squeeze by the barge blocking the channel... the crew was still working and they hailed us and offered to moved the barge so we could pass... told them we came past yesterday and unless they had moved things since then we would be able to make it... the tide was slightly higher than when we arrived so we had more room to pass... deeper and wider.

We were soon out into Long Island Sound and heading south... well I call it south but actually going west.... south is our ultimate direction. We saw several boats also heading "south" and they appeared to be cruisers like us heading to warmer weather for the winter. Forecast for today was NW winds 5-10 knots with seas less than 1 foot... not far for us to travel though as we were headed for Guildford, CT so we could visit a very dear friend of ours.... Don Gillette who lives in Guildford, CT now.

We arrived to the Guildford Yacht Club at approximately 0830 hours and docked... N41º16.206', W072º40.714'.

We traveled for 2 hours covering 11.34 nautical miles averaging 5.67 knots.
Posted at 1:37 PM by:Jay
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