SAILS 1990 45 Florida Bay Coaster
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These are all the Blogs posted on Sunday, 6 November, 2011.
Lodge Creek, VA to Portsmouth, VA
Rhode Island to Florida - Day 14
We spent a wonderful couple of days at Olverson's Lodge Creek Marina... spent some great quality timw with Cas and Fred Olverson... we celebrated Susan's birthday on Saturday night and had a fantastic dinner at Luna's in Callao... Fred and Cas joined us... great evening with great people!

The winds subsided after midnight on Saturday and the Bay was forecast to have 1-2 foot seas with an East wind 5-10 knots... We departed the dock at 0710 hours and headed out of Lodge Creek toward the Potomac River... Once on the Potomac River we headed east out to Chesapeake Bay... we reached the bay about 1000 hours and turned south... destination Portsmouth, VA.

The bay was calm with 1-2 foot seas as forecast and it was easy cruising... the sun came out late morning and the 1-2 foot seas subsided to barely 1 foot and we had the current with us all day... typically pushing us along at 8 knots... at times we were doing close to 10 knots... love days like this... :)

Not a lot of boat traffic... a few tugs towing barges headed up the bay... one container ship and the most exciting was a giant cruise ship... did not pass close enough to see the name but it looked 20 stories high... and it was moving along very quickly... RADAR/MARPA said it was moving 22 knots... really fast for such a large vessel.

With the time change it started getting dark around 1700 and we still had over an hour to go... once we passed the navy ship yards we were running in the dark... we had another trawler that had joined us somewhere along the way... I had not noticed him until I saw them about a half mile off our starboard beam just before we turned into Hampton Roads... we ran neck and neck to the Navy ship yard and then they dropped behind us as we approached a dredge working in the channel. Later I heard them hail Tidewater Marina for a slip for the night.

We continued past Tidewater to a small basin located on the Portsmouth side of the ICW just before you come to Ocean Marine Yacht Center... the ferries from that take people from Norfolk to Portsmouth and vice versa docks in this basin... but we discovered that you can dock in here and it's free... mo electric or water but you are tied to a dock. We arrived and were safe at the dock at 1815 hours.

We traveled today for 11 hours and 5 minutes covering 87.31 nautical miles and averaging 7.88 knots.

Trip totals to date:

Distance: 591.96 nautical miles
Hours: 95 hours 21 minutes
Avg Spd: 6.21 knots
Days not moving: 3
Posted at 6:58 PM by:Jay
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