SAILS 1990 45 Florida Bay Coaster
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These are all the Blogs posted on Thursday, 15 November, 2012.
RI to FL - Day 32
Jacksonville, FL to Palm Coast, FL
We departed from Jacksonville, FL this morning at 0730 and headed south on the ICW. Destination for the day/night is Phil and Sarah Lowe's home in Palm Coast, FL.

Currents and tides are extreme... guess from the hurricane run-off... so like the past few days we were either moving along with a huge boost or against us... less than 5 knots or 8 knots plus. The yo-yoing current is normal for the ICW with all the inlets you pass but this year they are much more diverse.

It was a cold and gray day of cruising... no sunshine... or even the hint of any appearing as the day progressed. The forecast does not seem to have any sunshine in it for the near future... but we are hoping it will change... need to see that sun!

Back to the tide levels... as we approached the high rise bridge just south of The Bridge of Lions in St. Augustine we could see two sailboats sitting in the waterway just before the bridge. As we got closer we overheard them on the VHF talking... they could not clear the bridge that normally has 65 feet plus in clearance... it was near high tide looking through my binoculars I could see the clearance boards and they read between 62.5 feet of clearance. A half mile away one of the sailboats proceeded and passed under the bridge... it looked very close from where we were but he cleared. Then the other sailboat hailed us on the VHF... "Your headed right at me... do you see me?" he asked... I acknowledged that I saw him and was not going to hit him... I was passing close... maybe 75-100 feet to his starboard side. He then replied with... "You are passing by way too close" Then I noticed he was anchored and he was dead center of the channel... as I passed he hailed again on the VHF... " SAILS you're a jerk" and he flipped me off... I replied that he should avoid anchoring in the middle of the channel... he flipped me off again.

Rest of the day went smoothly no more confrontations with sailboats and we arrived to Palm Coast and were securely docked at approximately 1545.

We will be staying here in Palm Coast two nights.... departing on Saturday morning.

We traveled today for 8 hours and 15 minutes covering 55 nautical miles averaging 6.67 knots.
Posted at 3:22 PM by:Jay
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