SAILS 1990 45 Florida Bay Coaster
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These are all the Blogs posted on Saturday, 3 November, 2012.
RI to FL - Day 20
Coinjock, NC to Bellhaven, NC
We departed from Midway Marina at approximately 0800 hours and headed south. The majority of the boats that we had seen yesterday had stopped here in Coinjock and as we left I noticed that most had already left. There were a couple still at the docks but they would pass us during the day at some point. Plans were to go to Bellhaven, NC for the evening which would mean a long day of travel.

We did have one large body of water to cross… the Albemarle Sound… but it was not bad at all… low winds and maybe 1-3 foot seas at most. We also transited two of the most boring areas in my opinion… The Alligator River and the A & P Canal… both are long straight runs with not much to look at.

We did have a little excitement in the Alligator River. We kept hearing reports on the VHF of deadheads (logs, trees, etc) floating in the water at various locations. We saw most of the reported ones and almost hit one of them… or maybe one that was not reported… a very large log bobbing up and down from exposed to submerged… almost did not see it as we were heading into the sun and the glare on the water made it very hard to see anything that might be in the water… A LOG… turned to port hard and missed it by inches.

We were not making much speed so we did not make it all the way to Bellhaven and anchored right as the sun was setting where the A& P Canal and starts… the top of the Pungo River. We have anchored here many times and it’s quick in and out to the ICW… good holding and most important… has a place to take Beecha to land. We were securely anchored at approximately 1820 hours… located at N35°33.510’, W076°28.153’.

We traveled today for 10 hours and 20 minutes covering 68.5 nautical miles averaging 6.63 knots.
Posted at 5:41 PM by:Jay
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