SAILS 1990 45 Florida Bay Coaster
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These are all the Blogs posted on Wednesday, 2 December, 2020.
CT to NC Day 15
Coinjock, NC to Belhaven, NC
The forecast was not that great for today but much better than it had been... morning West winds 20 kts 2 foot seas... diminishing to 10-to 15 kts seas 1 foot or less.

We were up early to get away from the dock by 0700... hoping for the best to cross the Albemarle Sound... the winds as we left were not even noticeable and the wind driven current running north the last 3 days had switched and was now running south. This was good sign to us that things had settled down on the Albemarle Sound.

We were underway at just before 0700 and had a nice boost from the current pushing almost 8 knots as we ran south out the North River toward the Albemarle. As the waterway widened we started to get some wind from the west... 10 to 15 knots... just as we cleared Camden Point on the last leg of the North River before the Albemarle we got the full 20 kts as forecast... just as that happened an engine alarm went off... the port engine was overheating... I immediately shut down the port engine and Susan took over the helm...

Got to the engine room to find it filled with steam... we evidently blew a cooling hose somewhere on the engine... but everything was too hot to even begin to hunt for the leak... turned on the engine room blower to clear out the steam and returned to the pilothouse to allow things to cool down a bit... running on a single engine... we were now in the Albemarle and seas were every bit of the 2 foot forecast plus a foot or two....

Once the engine had cooled down I returned to engine room to investigate the problem... visually checking all the hoses I did not see anything that looked bad... filled the cooling system up with water and started the engine... waited for pressure to build up to see where the blown hose was... did not take long and I saw water dripping from a hose under the turbo... further probing found that the water was running down from above the turbo... checking on top of the turbo I found the leak... the cooling hose for the turbo had a small split in it and was spraying a stream of water on to the turbo... shut the engine down and pulled the small formed hose off... I luckily happened to have a spare hose... pulled the old hose off...installed the new one... topped the water off and we were good to go.

We soon were across the Albemarle (2 hours) and entered the Alligator River. We had thought we would anchor for the night at the southern end the Alligator River and then run to Dowry Creek Marina tomorrow... need a grocery run and Dowry Creek has a courtesy car we could use. We reached the bottom of the Alligator River where we were going to anchor at 1430... this was just too early to stop for the day and we decided to continue on to Dowry Creek Marina today... about another 3 hours.

We entered the A & P Canal and were happily surprised to suddenly get a boost in speed... running 7.5 knots... was not expecting this... it decreased our time to Dowry Creek Marina.

We arrived to Dowry Creek Marina at approximately 1700 and were securely docked at 1715... Our position tonight is N35°31.971, W076°32.122'. We traveled today for 10 hours and 15 minutes covering 72.66 nautical miles averaging 7.1 knots.
Posted at 6:33 PM by:Jay
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