SAILS 1990 45 Florida Bay Coaster
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These are all the Blogs posted on Monday, 20 December, 2010.
Rhode Island to Florida - Day 15
We departed from New Smyrna Beach at just before sunrise at 0600 hours. We had a fantastic current pushing us along at over 9 knots at times and it stayed with us most of the day... not at 9 knots but we did better than our normal 7 knot cruise.

Had a few bridges we needed to have opened but they were all on request and we zipped right through them with no waiting at all. We did have an odd experience at one bridge... the Addison Point Bridge (NASA Causeway) that when we approached had a two barges side-by-side under the draw span... when we hailed the bridge for an opening he informed us that they were doing dredge work under the draw and we had about 20-25 feet of width to pass between the bridge fender system and the barge... SAILS has an 18 foot beam so we had s a few feet to spare on each side as we passed under but it seemed REAL TIGHT!

We were bound for Cocoa, FL which maybe 45 nm south of Palm Coast... we have a favorite pizza place we love there and wanted to stop for lunch. We made it to Cocoa at about 1215 hours... just in time for lunch! We stopped at a Cocoa city dock that allows you to tie up and go into town... and it's FREE.

Boat secured and off to lunch at Ryan's Village Pizza… they have brick oven pizza that is out of this world and they have a 24" diameter pizza... it's huge! And of course that is what we ordered... one 24" meat lovers and a beer... WOW was it good!

We got back to boat about 1330 hours and after consuming a 24" pizza and several beers we were not to energetic to get back on the move.... so we decided to call it day and will spend the night here at Cocoa's Free dock. (N28°21.294', W080°43.335') That makes the total miles traveled for the day at 45 nautical miles. We will depart early in the morning bound for I believe Stuart, FL.
Posted at 5:07 PM by:Jay
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