SAILS 1990 45 Florida Bay Coaster
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These are all the Blogs posted on Monday, 23 April, 2012.
Kilkenny Creek,GA to Beaufort,SC
Florida to Rhode Island - Day 11
We ended up getting kicked off the docks in Kilkenny about 1845… so we moved about a quarter mile up Kilkenny Creek and dropped the anchor at N31°47.416’, W081°12.154’. Cross this off as a free dock for the night.

We were up bright and early after a very chilly evening on the hook… not sure what the temperature dropped to but it was COLD… we had the anchor up and made a quick stop at the dock we got kicked off of to walk Beecha and we were underway at 0645 hours. Destination for tonight was Beaufort, SC… about 10.5 hours at 6.5 knots… had a long day of cruising ahead of us.

Checking the weather there was no rain in the forecast just 10-15 knots winds out of the west… so much for forecasts… I don’t think we saw less than 20 knots all day with gusts over 30 knots quite often… only a few spots was it open enough to produce any waves but we saw 3 foot waves a couple of areas… and 4 footers in Port Royal Sound… current was favorable most of the day and we made better time than anticipated. We docked at Port Royal Landing Marina in Beaufort, SC at 1645 hours. Our approximate location N32°23.769’, W080°40.664’.

We were greeted by one of the local live aboard boaters inviting us to join the local people from the dock for dinner at the marina restaurant. We went up at 1800 and had a lovely evening with them. Everyone was very friendly.

Today we traveled for 10 covering 66.1 nautical miles averaging 6.61 knots.
Posted at 8:29 PM by:Jay
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