SAILS 1990 45 Florida Bay Coaster
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These are all the Blogs posted on Friday, 8 April, 2011.
DELAYED (Florida to Rhode Island - Day 2)
Today we have an appointment we have to attend in Fort Myers at 1330 hours and will not be leaving the Franklin Lock docks until after this meeting. Jack Lohman a dear friend is going to pick us up at the locks with his car and take us to Fort Myers for the meeting and then bring us back afterwards. Hopefully, we will be back to SAILS by 1430 hours and get underway. We plan to make it to Moorehaven and spend the evening at the River House Marina.
Posted at 11:05 AM by:Jay

Franklin Lock to Moorehaven (Florida to Rhode Island - Day 2
We made it back to boat from our meeting and were underway at 1425 hours. We had 3 bridges and 1 lock to pass today... Alva Bridge, Fort Denaud Swing Bridge, Labelle Bridge and the Ortona Locks... no problem at the first two bridges but we arrived at the Labelle Bridge at 1650 hours… right in the middle of the period that it is closed for opening… 1600 to 1800 hours… the bridge clearance boards were reading 24’… which was the lowest clearance at the left and right side of the bridge opening… making the clearance at the center either 27’ or 28’ due to the arch in the bridge spans… our mast has a lightning rod on it and is approximately 28’ off the water… lowered the VHF antennas and inched forward to see if we could slip under… NOPE! We were about 2-3 inches higher… so, we did not want to wait for over an hour for the bridge to open at 1800… so down to the engine room and grab some wrenches to unbolt the mask and lower it… this would drop our air draft down to 21’ and we could clear the bridge easily… 10 minutes later we under the bridge and heading towards the Ortona Lock.

We arrived at the Ortona lock at 1753 hours and did not have to wait to enter… green light as we approached… at this lock we were lifted approximately 8’ higher… at 1807 we departed from the lock and were bound for Moorehaven.

We arrived at Moorehaven at 2000 hours and docked at the Riverhouse Marina (N26°49.842’, W081°05.462’).
Posted at 8:52 PM by:Jay
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