SAILS 1990 45 Florida Bay Coaster
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These are all the Blogs posted on Monday, 8 April, 2013.
FL to CT Day 6
Stuart, FL to Vero Beach, FL
We departed from Stuart, FL at approximately 0745… “Sanctuary” left with us and we headed slowly out to the channel… it was pretty shallow so it was slow going. Once in the channel we were able to come back to cruising RPM… however, we were pushing against a flood tide and 6 knots was about all we could do against the current.

It was a beautiful sunny morning and this made up for fighting the current and also knowing that in a few miles we would reach the ICW and we would have a boost of speed with the current pushing us.

Exiting the St. Lucie River into the ICW is always interesting. This area shoals badly and the shoals shift around. The Coast Guard does try to keep the channel marked with cans and nuns but you never know for sure what you are going to find. This trip was not too bad… saw some 6 foot readings… mostly 7 foot readings and then it drops off to 12 feet plus as you enter the ICW. As we made the turn north up the ICW the current as expected was on our stern and was soon pushing us over 8 knots… very nice when this happens.

“Sanctuary” was following us and was going to Fort Pierce to meet friends. We planned to anchor in the Fort Pierce area but when we arrived it was 1130… again way too early to stop for the day… we opted to continue on a couple more hours and go to Vero Beach.

One bridge to open just past the Fort Pierce Inlet… Fort Pierce North Bridge… a sailboat had hailed the bridge for an opening just as we were approaching and we did not even have to slow down… straight through the bridge no delay.

Two hours later we were in Vero Beach. We had contacted the Vero Beach Municipal Marina and reserved a mooring ball for the night. At approximately 1330 we were secure to mooring ball #11 for the night. Our location for the evening…. N27°39.350’, W080°22.231’. We traveled for 5.75 hours covering 37.4 nm averaging 6.5 knots.

Shortly after mooring a dinghy approached us and it was Elaine and Bud Lloyd from “Diamond Girl”. They are good friends and fellow MTOA members. We later dinghy’d over to their boat and joined them for cocktail hour.
Posted at 11:20 PM by:Jay
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