SAILS 1990 45 Florida Bay Coaster
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These are all the Blogs posted on Tuesday, 9 April, 2013.
FL to CT Day 7
Vero Beach, FL to Cocoa, FL
We took our time getting ready to leave this morning… “Sanctuary” was leaving from Fort Pierce 2 hours behind us and we were planning on meeting at Cocoa, FL for the night… so a little later start would allow them to catch up and maybe cruise with us.

The forecast was partly sunny skies and ESE winds under 10-15 knots… it was a little choppy but nothing that really had any effect. Watched boat and boat leave from Vero Beach as we took our time getting ready… watched TowBoatUS come in and tow away a sailboat adjacent to us… took Beecha to land in the dinghy and we went for a nice long walk… returned to “Sails”… lifted the dinghy back to the top of boat and we were ready to get underway. Susan graciously volunteered to handle the mooring ball lines and at approximately 0830 we were headed out of the harbor and back into the ICW.

I received a text from “Sanctuary” as we entered the ICW informing me that their ETA to Vero Beach was 0845-0900 so our late departure worked out as intended. I ran a slower than normal to allow for them to catch up… once I could see them I came back to cruising RPM and we were able to cruise relatively close to each other all day.

We planned to go to the Cocoa City Docks but they are small… maybe room for 2-3 boats depending on length of the boats… late afternoon as we approached I could see that the docks were empty… not a single boat so we would have no problem with space. I docked as far forward as I could on the east end of the dock… there was a gentlemen there fishing and he became a little upset when he saw us docking… thinking we were going to dock directly in front of him… I yelled and assured him we would not block his fishing area… he was happy after that. “Sanctuary” docked on the far west end of the dock where the dock is lower and allows easier egress on and off the boat. That left approximately 50-55 feet of space between us.

Once we were both settled I noticed another boat sitting off the dock eyeing the space between “Sails” and “Sanctuary”… and he appeared to 42-45 feet in length. I signaled to him to bring his boat in and we would assist him getting docked. It went surprisingly well from the thoughts I was having about it crashing into the stern of us or crashing into “Sanctuary”… he slipped right in… gentleman on the bow tossed me a line… I wrapped it around a piling and ran it back as a spring to a cleat mid ship… this stopped him from sliding backwards from the wind and also stopped his forward momentum.

Our location for the evening…. N28°21.297’, W080°43.324’. We traveled for 7 hours covering 47.12 nm averaging 6.73 knots.

Tonight we would have dinner at Ryan’s Village Pizza… one of my favorite places to eat as we travel north.
Posted at 4:18 PM by:Jay
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