SAILS 1990 45 Florida Bay Coaster
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These are all the Blogs posted on Saturday, 1 January, 2022.
CT to FL Day 43
St. Lucie, FL to Moore Haven, FL
Alarm went off at 0600... but this morning was a snooze morning... I would of hit snooze a few more ties but my phone only gives me three 5 minute snoozes and then it shuts off... Tried to stay up and see the New Year in but last time I remember was 2245... so we go off the dock a bit later at 0715 and headed down the St' Lucie Canal toward Lake Okeechobee.

Today we would have two locks to go through... Port Mayaka Lock and the Moore Haven Lock... in the past the Port Mayaka Lock is a drive through not having the lock through... today we had to lock through with the lock raising SAILS 1.5 feet... did not take long and we were back underway in 15 minutes... exiting into Lake Okeechobee.

About two hours across the lake and we came to Clewiston, FL... where we turn on to the Rim Canal... Clewiston has a lock from the rim canal into the town... Rowan and Martina is locate3d there... never saw this lock operating that I can remember... but it was today and there were several small bass boats sitting and waiting right in the middle of the rim canal channel... I don't have much leeway here and have to stay in the middle of the channel due to water depths... I slowed to idle speed and started my 90 degree turn from the lake channel into the rim canal channel... these small boats waiting for the lock were scrambling to get out of the way... I think it surprised them that I was not stopping for them... they all managed to get out the channel...

We came to the Moore Haven Lock next... well next implies right away...actually it was a couple of hours after the bass boats... had to wait a few minutes for the lock to prepare for us to enter... we were in and out within 30 minutes dropping SAILS about 4 feet.... about 10 minutes to our dock for the night in Moore Haven... we had made reservations through DockWa earlier in the day at Riverhouse Marina.

We arrived to Riverhouse Marina and were securely docked at 1600... our position for the night N26°49.864', W081°05.437'. We traveled today for 8.75 hours covering 54.55 nautical miles averaging 6.23 knots.

There are two marinas here... the Moore Haven City Docks and Riverhouse… we always try to support the privately owned marinas if we can... Riverhouse has new owners now and they have really improved the marina from last time we were here... it was nice to see.
Posted at 5:24 PM by:Jay
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