SAILS 1990 45 Florida Bay Coaster
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These are all the Blogs posted on Monday, 2 May, 2016.
FL to CT - Day 38
Chesapeake City, MD to Atlantic City, NJ
We were lucky to have our friends Jim and Cathy Fisher drive to Chesapeake City to visit us... we try to get together with them here when it works out... We had a great evening with them on SAILS... was really good to see them.

To optimize the current as much as possible we departed from Chesapeake City at 0600 while there was still a slight flood current... we hoped to ride it to the end of the C & D Canal where we would enter the Delaware River and catch the Ebb tide running to Cape May, NJ.

This sort plan sort of worked but we did have some times that the current was against us but for the most part we had current in our favor.

It was very cold this morning and also very foggy... shortly after leaving the Coast Guard announced on the VHF that due to fog the C & D Canal was closed to all traffic... we were already underway... we continued... they made this announcement several times as we transited the canal east toward the Delaware River. Just as we exited the canal they announced the canal was now open to traffic... there were several commercial vessels anchored just outside the canal... guess they were waiting to get the ok to enter. I think the announcement was directed at commercial traffic rather recreational boats... we were not the only recreational boats moving... both boats that had been at the docks with us were also moving... :)

We had the fog all day except for going through Cape May... it was clear as could be for the 4 or 5 miles across the Cape May Canal, Cape May Harbor and out the inlet... just at the end of the inlet we ran into the fog again... it was like a wall.

Since we had arrived to Cape May so early we decided to continue on to Atlantic City... it's about 5 hours longer and that would get us in about 1900... but we did not get current back so the trip up the coast took a little longer. It was also fairly rough conditions... large swells from the east... that were pretty close together and made the ride a little more unsettling for Susan and Lily.

Even with fog we did see a couple of whales breach very close to SAILS. They were both bigger than SAILS... would hate to run into one... I assume they were right whales. Very cool to see them.

Just as we arrived the Atlantic City the fog started to clear and lift forming what looked like low clouds around the buildings in Atlantic City... looked pretty neat.

We arrived to our destination at Gardener's Basin and were securely docked at 2000. Our location for the night N39°22.600’, W074°25.265’. We traveled today for 14 hours and 30 minutes covering 99.6 nautical miles averaging 6.9 knots.
Posted at 7:57 PM by:Jay
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