SAILS 1990 45 Florida Bay Coaster
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These are all the Blogs posted on Wednesday, 9 May, 2012.
Reedville,VA to Galesville,MD
Florida to Rhode Island - Day 25
We had a very long day of travel today and would have the current on our nose all day… not a tremendous current but enough to slow us down quite a bit. We departed early at 0700 hours and headed out into the Chesapeake Bay. Forecast was for 10-15 knot S winds with 2-3 waves…. Increasing to 15-20 with gusts to 25 in the morning with a chance of thunderstorms. Again we assumed NOAA was wrong and they were… the first couple of hours we had the high winds and 3-4 waves and it started raining… soon as the rain hit the winds dropped to 5 knots and the seas went almost flat calm. The rest of the day we had rain off and on but the wind never came back… we had an almost flat calm cruise all day. It was gray and gloomy out but the calm seas were an unexpected treat. Especially, since we were crossing the mouth of the Potomac River. We have had some real horrible trips across this section of the bay. This time is was great!

We had several ships pass us heading south… those ships are huge and they are moving really fast for such a large vessel and some big wake! There was actually quite a few power boats heading north… all moving as a fast pace… much faster than our 6 knots.

We arrived to the Channel going into Galesville and were met head with a nice surprise. There were maybe 30 sailboats exiting the harbor all under sail with their mains and spinnakers up… so many different colors… it was quite beautiful even with the gray and gloomy skies.

We pulled up to the Galesville City Dock at approximately 1820 hours and tied across the T-head… the T-head is about 25-30 feet long… so we hang out a little both ways… LOL It’s a nice stop for the night. Our approximate location for the evening was N38°50.548, W076°32.342’.

We traveled for 11 hours and 20 minutes covering 74.43 nautical miles averaging 6.57 knots.
Posted at 7:33 PM by:Jay
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