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These are all the Blogs posted in December, 2010.
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Monday, 13
Rhode Island to Florida - Day 7-8
Two days of travel in this entry as all of Day 7 we were out of touch with the electronic world... none to poor cell service and no Wi-Fi anywhere... :)

Day 7 we departed from Coinjock, VA at 0700 hours and traveled for 13-1/2 hours stopping at the Mayo Docks in Hobucken, NC (N35°14.528', W076°35.421') a total of 94 nautical miles... a real long day!

Day 8 we departed from Hobucken, NC and traveled for 9-1/2 hours stopping at Ducks Bar and Grille docks in Swansboro, NC (N34°42.173’, W077°07.164’) a total of 62 nautical miles.

Tonight the temperature is forecast to be in the teens… we have 500 nautical miles south of our original starting point and this will be the coldest night we have had on the trip so far... it should be getting warmer... NOT COLDER! LOL

Frank Erwin is stopping by to say "Hi" and then we are off to have dinner at Ducks... the menu has a 1 pound double cheeseburger... that's what I am ordering!

Posted at 5:32 PM by:Jay
Saturday, 11
Rhode Island to Florida - Day 6
Our sixth day of trip started out with some maintenance... oil and filter changes on both engines and transmission oil change so we got off to a late start... departing Portsmouth, VA at 1000 hours and our destination being Coinjock, NC... Coinjock Marina where we would fuel up... have a great dinner... 32 ounce prime rib... and it was GOOD!

The weather was forecast for rain but warmer than it has been so far on the trip... we started getting a little rain about 10 nm from Coinjock and we could see surface fog on the water... it made the daymarks appear as if they were buoys floating in the water rather than being 10-12 high... it was kind of weird... then about 5 nm from Coinjock the surface fog turned into pea soup fog... we had maybe 1/8 of mile visibility... it was real nasty and we slowed to a snail's pace... :(

We did make it to Coinjock Marina at 1730 hours... half hour later than our original ETA... it was dark, foggy and raining. We traveled 42 nautical miles today and our final position is (N36°20.999', W075°56.885')
Posted at 10:11 PM by:Jay
Friday, 10
Rhode Island to Florida - Day 5
After departing from New York City on December 9th... we ran all day and night through December 10th arriving in Portsmouth, VA at 1900 hours. A total of 279.1 nm in 40.5 hours... weather and sea conditions were great. It's still a little cold but this is the first time since leaving Rhode Island that the temperature has been above freezing and is forecast to remain that way for the next couple of days... just checked and it's 39 degrees outside and it feels like a heat wave compare to temperatures we had in the teens when we left NY.

We are docked at a town dock in Portsmouth, VA... position (N36°50.138', W076°17.782') Shortly after docking here a close friend also docked here behind us... Mike Effort of MI-T-MO.... he's not on MI-T-MO but a 60' Grand Banks that he is delivering to Florida. We'll fall behind him as we travel tomorrow as he will be cruising at 20 knots with the Grand Banks... nearly 3 times the speed we cruise at with SAILS.
Posted at 12:33 AM by:Jay
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