SAILS 1990 45 Florida Bay Coaster
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These are all the Blogs posted in November, 2020.
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Tuesday, 24
CT to NC Day 7
Chesapeake City, MD to North Beach, MD
We departed from Chesapeake City today at 0545 at slack tide to enable us to carry as much of the ebb tide as possible out the C&D Canal and down the Chesapeake Bay. We carried a favorable current all the bay to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge where current switched around on us... slowing us a bit but nothing horrible.... still maintained 6.5 knots.

We saw quite a bit of commercial traffic today and a few recreational boaters but still no cruiser heading south... mostly tugs with barges and large ships.

Our destination today was Herrington Harbor South in North Beach, MD... good prices on fuel and just the right distance for the day... we arrived to the marina at approximately 1430 and went straight to the fuel dock and fed SAILS... she was hungry taking on almost 800 gallons of diesel.

We left the fuel dock at approximately 1600 and moved one dock north for our location for the night. We were securely docked at 1615... Herrington Harbour South Marina. Our position tonight is N38°43.568', W076°32.565'. We traveled today for 8 hours and 45 minutes covering 62 nautical miles averaging 7.1 knots.
Posted at 7:17 PM by:Jay
Monday, 23
CT to NC Day 6
Layover Chesapeake City, MD
Staying in Chesapeake City today... have our friends Cathy and Jim Fisher coming from Baltimore area to visit.
Posted at 8:21 AM by:Jay
Sunday, 22
CT to NC Day 5
Greenwich, NJ to Chesapeake City, MD
Not planning to go any further than Chesapeake City, MD today we slept in a little later than normal and did not leave Hancock's Harbor Marina until 0800. Forecast was for calm winds and seas.

Current was ripping out of the Cohansey River and boosted our exit out of the river to Delaware Bay running over 8 knots... however the brakes applied once we turned north on Delaware Bay and had full current on our bow.... slowing us to between 5 and 6 knots all the way to the C&D Canal... turning into the canal we were once again running over 8 knots all the way to Chesapeake City.

Had the first boat, that was not a local boat, pass us in the canal... big beast that waked the heck out of us... pretty sure it was a deliver captain... no hail on VHF prior to passing. Have seen quite a few local fishing boats and commercial traffic...hopefully, we will start seeing a few cruiser heading south soon.

We arrived to Chesapeake City, MD at approximately 1250 and were securely docked at 1300. Our location for night N39?31.639', W075?48.665'. We traveled today for 5 hours covering 34 nautical miles averaging 6.8 knots.

We will stay a day or two here in Chesapeake City... have some friends... Cathy and Jim Fisher coming from Baltimore to visit... will be great to catch up with them... been a while since we have seen them.
Posted at 1:54 PM by:Jay
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